Amplify for Android Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Extreme Battery Life Tutorial For Any Android Device (Amplify+Greenify+PowerNap)

Extreme Battery Life Tutorial For Any Android Device (Amplify+Greenify+PowerNap)...!! Detailed Guide XDA Thread By @V7 ...

[XPOSED] Aumenta 100% la duración de batería de tu android / Amplify review / 2017

hola espero te haya gustado el vídeo si fue así por favor te pido me regales un like, y te suscribas al canal que es gratis :). Twitter: ...

Features and Functions #1 Amplify

In first film of Features and Function I will present you great apk & xposed module- Amplify, with this tool you can take care on your system wakelocks, alarms ...

Get The battery life you want with Power Nap Xposed-Tuesdays

If you have android 4.1 and you are rooted with Xposed. you need this module. checkout the link and get your battery in check.

Amplify review

Overview of amplify a xposed framework module.

Deep Sleep Battery Saver -- XDA Xposed Tuesday

Our phones are more powerful than ever. With lusciously crisp screens, GPS navigation, and quad core power, our phones can render a pixel better than ever.

Amplify Battery Extender-Root Pro v3.3.7 Android



THIS TUTORIAL is about extreme battery tewaking of any rooted android phones with XPOSED DO SHARE OR SUBSCRIBE IF IT WORKED FOR YOU.. HAVE A ...

Keep Those Services in Check – XDA App Review

Every day when our devices our in our pockets, our bags, or just laying on ours desks there is still a hubbub of activity going on in the background. However, just ...

How to Control Google Play Wake Lock - XDA Xposed Tuesday

Xposed Modules are usually pretty simple. There are a few out there where a Smali edit or a change in build.prop would produce the same result. However ...

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